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Attention American Idol Fans: Boost Your Voting Power!!! Averages Hundreds of votes per hour. with Speedy Vote! voting software

Speedy Vote is Not a Power Dialer

Speedy Vote is an automatic redialer which can cast one vote or hundreds of votes an hour for your favorite American Idol contestant.

A Power dialer uses a high power multiline phone line interface such as the Dialogic 4-Line Telephony Board. These cards cost many hundreds of dollars.

Speedy Vote uses your standard modem as a dialer to place votes for your favorite idol contestant.

A power dialer can connect to up to 96 phone lines per PC. The software to interface with the power dialer cards costs many hundreds and up to thousands of dollars (depending on the number of lines it supports)

Speedy vote, American Idol Voting Software, only uses your modem (one phone line). It is a low cost, effective way, of placing votes for your favorite American Idol contestant.

A power dialer can redial a busy line thousands of times an hour (per phone line) because it has an expensive board (the Dialogic 4-Line Telephony Board) which is designed for that purpose.

Speedy Vote uses your modem which is not designed for high speed redialing.

One 4 line power dialer on the market starts at around $2,000. You are not going to get anything remotely close to a power dialer at the price of Speedy Vote

So What is Speedy Vote?

Speedy vote is the next step up from using your redial button on your phone to place votes for American Idol contestants. We are sure that most of you reading this page use the redial button on your phone, Correct?

Is using the redial button cheating? Shouldn't you have to manually dial the phone number each time? Is it fair that you program the phone number into a speed dial button on your phone so that you can vote for your favorite Idol contestant again and again?

Speedy Vote is the next level beyond using your redial or speed dial button on your phone. Here is why.

Our American Idol voting software picks up the phone line, just as you would by picking up the handset on your phone. When it detects a dial tone it begins to dial, just as you would. The difference is, that your modem can recognize the dial tone in under a second. Human reaction time is much slower.

Just like the redial button on your phone, our idol voting software also dials the phone at about the same rate (depending on your modem).

The next difference comes when you get a busy signal which will occur more often as the shows popularity increases. Speedy Vote is much quicker at detecting a busy signal and hanging up the phone than you are. Even if you just press the hang up button on your phone, your reaction time is much slower.

Just like you recognize that the American Idol toll free voting line was answered, so does our Idol vote dialer. Both speedy vote and yourself will wait until the vote has been registered.

Speedy Vote then logs that the vote was placed and keeps track of the number of votes that were placed for your favorite contestant.

Our Idol voting product will cast the number of votes you want to place, it will not just keep dialing forever. You enter the number of votes that you want to place.

If you feel that only 5 votes are fair, that is all that Speedy Vote will place for you. If you want to place 200 votes, Speedy Vote will do that as well.

Another difference is that speedy vote has American Idol's toll free numbers programmed into it and does not misdial as you might if you manually dial to place a vote.

The biggest difference is that since Speedy Vote is a software based voting system and unlike a human, it does not get tired of voting or tiered of getting a busy signal. It just keeps at it until it places the number of idol votes you want.

With over 30 million votes now being cast for American Idol contestants each week, the problem is only going to get worse.

Not only are the number of votes increasing every week but guess what happens as more idol contestants are eliminated?

What happens is that 30 million or so votes are spread across fewer and fewer toll free numbers and that will mean more busy signals and more time redialing.

Does speedy vote give you an advantage over people dialing manually or using their redial button to vote for Idol contestants? Yes.

At least you can get the number of votes placed, even if you only want to place one vote, while everyone else has to battle it out with other callers to get through when American Idol's toll lines free up.

Because Speedy Vote can quickly detect if the American Idol toll free number is busy, it can hang up and retry again much more quickly than you can.

Although Speedy Vote is not a power dialer, it is the most effective, low cost tool you can buy to help you keep your favorite Idol contestants from being eliminated.

And don't forget ...
"Vote as often as you like" - Ryan Seacrest, American Idol Host

Don't let your favorite American Idol go home

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