How does Speedy Vote work?

Speedy Vote uses your existing computer dial up modem to cast hundreds of votes for your favorite American Idol contestant. Speedy Vote will vote as long as the American Idol phone lines are open and keeps track of actual votes cast. You control the contestant and number of votes you wish to cast. Cast hundreds of votes with only one touch of a button.


Is Speedy Vote illegal?

American Idol voting software is not illegal. Speedy Vote is no more illegal than hitting redial over and over. Fox encourages multiple voting and Speedy Vote makes it simpler for you to cast multiple votes for your favorite American Idol contestant by taking the headache out of constant busy signals.


I've heard about phone phreakers and power/block voting is that what Speedy Vote is?

Phone phreakers and power/block voting is a method of casting thousands of multiple votes simultaneously. These votes are easily detected by Fox producers and are rumored to be eliminated from the tally. Speedy Vote is not that. Speedy Vote is an auto redailer program that was designed specifically for American Idol.


Can Fox detect and then eliminate votes cast by Speedy Vote?

Because Speedy Vote uses your phone line to cast the votes and Speedy Vote does not cast thousands of votes simultaneously, votes cast by Speedy Vote cannot be detected and appear just as if you had used your phone to dial the number.


How many votes will Speedy Vote actually cast in one night?

Speedy Vote customers average about 200 votes an hour using Speedy Vote. Last year one customer reported casting 312 votes for John Stevens in a single hour! Don't listen to over exaggerated claims of thousands of votes an hour.


I have a cable/DSL connection will Speedy Vote still work?

Because Speedy Vote uses your dial up modem and phone line to cast votes for your favorite American Idol Speedy Vote does not need a high speed connection to cast votes. You can still use Speedy Vote if you have a high-speed connection as long as you also have a dial up modem and phone line.


What happens if a new version of Auto Vote Idol is release?

Speedy Vote is a powerful application and should future improvements be made all updates will be made available free of charge for all of our existing customers


Will Speedy Vote work on my Mac?

Unfortunately Speedy Vote is only available for Windows users.


>> Does Speedy Vote work with Canadian Idol?

There are two versions of Speedy Vote software: one for American Idol voting and one for Canadian Idol voting. Click here to download the Canadian Idol version.


I have a question about using Speedy Vote or a suggestion for a new feature to add. Who should I contact?

We value our customer's input and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have. Please feel free to with any questions about using SpeedyVote, or with any suggestions you may have about improving or enhancing the application. Simply click here

Speedy Vote does not detect my modem.

If no modem is detected, be sure to check the following:

Make sure that you have a modem installed and configured
Make sure no other program is using the modem. Examples of other programs that may use the modem would be Dial Up internet connections and fax applications.


SpeedyVote does not detect a dial tone

If no dial tone is detected, make sure that you have a phone line actually connected to the back of your modem. If you are using a DSL broadband connection, make sure that your phone jack is correctly filtered.


What are SpeedyVote's Minimum Computer Requirements?

Windows operating system
A modem (either internal card or external modem)
250 killobytes of disk space


Do I need a Pay Pal account to purchase Speedy Vote?

You do not need to be a Pay Pal user or have an existing Pay Pal account to purchase Speedy Vote. Speedy Vote uses Pay Pal's service to process credit cards.


If you have any further questions please click the contact us link below


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