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Attention American Idol Fans: Boost Your Voting Power!!! Averages Hundreds of votes per hour. with Speedy Vote! voting software

Cost of voting for American Idol:
$3 Million a week

Each week you place votes to American Idol's toll free numbers, is there a cost?

With all these controversial contestant issues and American Idol constantly harping about how many millions of votes they had, doesn't that rally people up to vote even more?

The answer to both of these questions is YES!

Is American Idol trying to find who people really like or trying to make voting slaves out of them (mindlessly redialing the phone for hours)?

So what is the real cost of everyone's time spent voting?

Let's use a minimum wage of $5.15 hour to find out. ($5.15 hour is the minimum wage in most states. Some states are higher)

Let's use their 34 million votes that Ryan Seacrest announced on the American Idol show a short time ago and estimate that it takes about 1 minute to get 1 vote in because of the busy signals.

That works out to be 566,666 man hours spent voting. If we multiply that by minimum wage we get over $2,918,333 dollars wasted by people voting for American Idol.

We are sure that on average most American Idol voters make more than minimum wage. That would make this estimate a low figure.

Rounding our estimate means that over $3 Million dollars is wasted by Americans voting for American Idol each week !!

That is what American Idol voters are throwing away each week that they could have put in their pocket working at a fast food chain.

Speedy Vote was created to help American Idol voters place votes for their favorite Idol while do other things more deserving of their time while still being able to fulfill their objectives of voting for their favorite contestants.

Unless American Idol puts a limit on the amount of votes each phone number can place during the two hour voting period and they continue to encourage people to place more votes by saying "vote as often as you want" this cost may continue to rise.

The real contest may not be between the American Idol contestants but the voters, to place the most votes for those contestants.

It simply does not make sense to encourage American Idol viewers to spend hours manually hitting the redial button on their phone, hanging up and trying again, and again.

Is American Idol turning viewers into voting drowns?

So as long as American Idol encourages unlimited voting for contestants, Speedy vote will be an invaluable aid to enable viewers to place votes while doing things more deserving of their time.

Speedy vote is the first American Idol voting software product. Speedy vote is a software product that uses your computer's modem as a redial button. It detects the busy signals and will hang up and try again until it gets through and places your votes.

Speedy vote will only place as many American Idol votes as you tell it to and it will only vote for the Idol you want it to.

Don't let your favorite American Idol go home

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