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American Idol News Archive

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May 13th 2005

Local Idol on whirlwind homecoming tour - News-Press
Carrie comes back home - Muskogee Daily Phoenix
Corey Claims Explicit Evidence, But He's Losing the P.R. Battle - Foxes On Idol
Vonzell's Secret - NY Post
Bo Bice Back Home in Alabama; See Him Friday - WAFF
Idol's Anthony Fedorov Heads Home - ET Online
Record mogul Clive Davis returns to Idol - Seattle Times
Helena To Celebrate Bo Bice's Return Home Friday - NBC13.com

May 12th 2005

Federov voted off on Idol - Chicago Sun-Times
Anthony Fedorov is Eliminated From the American Idol Competition - Celebrity Spider
Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest Set Up Simon Cowell to Get Punk'd - Celebrity Spider
Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 12th - Reality TV Calendar
Carrie: The Carmen of Cowell's Dreams - MediaFiends.com
Results of American Idol overshadowed by Paula-tics - WCNC
Anthony Fedorov becomes the ninth 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated - Reality TV World
Anthony Fedorov Doesn't Make Idol Final Three - MTV
The Top 4 Results Show Recap - Reality TV Calendar
Finals Week 9: Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4: Why Anthony Lost - Foxes On Idol
He Said, She Said: No surprises 4 the final 4, 4 the first time. - MediaFiends.com
Who Was Voted Out? - MediaFiends.com
American Idol - Recap - Tuesday - Inside Pulse
Idol's Bice may appear on Rick Bubba Friday - Mobile Register
Fed X'd - Entertainment Weekly
Anthony Federov knocked off American Idol - USA Today
Idol index - Dallas Morning News
Idol Countdown: Adios to Anthony! - ET Online
Anthony's safe choice falls flat with Idol voters - Star Ledger

May 11th 2005

They Got The Numbers Wrong Again - Reality TV Calendar
American Idol Fantasia Defends Troubled Paula Abdul - Celebrity Spider
Idol Reject Applauds Paula Abdul for SNL Skit - Celebrity Spider
Simon Cowell Started Criticizing From an Early Age - Celebrity Spider
Simon Cowell on Ellen - MediaFiends.com
American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers - Celebrity Spider
Incorrect Close Captioning Stirs The Idol Controversy Pot Once Again - TVRules.net
American Idol Star Stuns With Another Bombshell - Celebrity Spider
Review: Clarkson brilliant on rockers, ballads at Nokia Theatre - Dallas Morning News
Final Four Perform - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 36 - Orwellproject
Four on the Floor - Beavers On Idol
After flat start, Bo picks it up to bring Idol crowd to its feet - Huntsville Times
American Idol 4: Week 9 - Country and Gamble & Huff Themes - The Trades
Who Is Going Home? RTVC Prediction #12 - Reality TV Calendar
The Top Four Performance Show Recap - Reality TV Calendar
We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 10 - Foxes On Idol
American Idol 4, May 10 - The Game and How To Change It - Reality News Online
The Final four finally raised the bar! - MediaFiends.com
The Loud and the Louder - Fans of Reality TV
He Said, She Said: Final four, or final bore? - MediaFiends.com
American Idol : Final Four. Versatility Bites - JokersUpdates
American Idol - Recap - Tuesday - Inside Pulse
History Lessons - Entertainment Weekly
Solomon breaks down in tears after performance - News-Press
American Idol: This much sap would drive anyone to tears - Miami Herald
Bucks' 'Ukrainian Cowboy' better than some flagging Idol foes - Morning Call
Performances make Kelly Clarkson a legitimate star - Houston Chronicle
'Idol' scandal largely ignored - LA Daily News
Fedorov's supporters rely on superstitions - Phillyburbs.com
Mixed reviews for Bo - Decatur Daily

May 10th 2005

Voted Off Idol - Scary Scott Speaks Out - TV Guide
Lycos Announces Paula Abdul is Four Times More Popular Than Corey Clark - Celebrity Spider
American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Ninth? - Foxes On Idol
Simon Cowell defends Paula Abdul - Ananova
Idol paddling in reverse - USA Today
Clark's Simonized - NY Post
We can't contain our glee at getting off Scott-free - AZ Central
Fallen Idol a big draw last week for ABC - Mobile Register
Scandalous show heads into finals - USA Today

May 9th 2005

Paula Abdul Urged to Take Lie Detector Test - Celebrity Spider
RealityAmerican Idol judge Paula Abdul appears on Saturday Night Live - TV World
'Idol' Finalist Fedorov Feels Lucky - SF Chronicle
Abdul Laughs At Troubles In 'SNL' Appearance - Billboard
This Might Be Fixed? No!!!! Really????? - Tampa Tribune
Abdul should go if it matters - Deseret News
Go for it on Idol, Anthony - Philly.com
Paula Laughs It Up - She Thought It Was About The Drugs - Reality TV Calendar
Scott Savol on Live with Regis Kelly MediaFiends.com
Paula Abdul Pokes Fun at American Idol Controversy - Celebrity Spider
Ongoing News of the American Idol Scandal: Corey's Story Takes More Lumps - Foxes On Idol
Idol Thoughts, May 9: Pick Your Favorite Flavor - Foxes on Idol
Paula trades troubles for laughs on SNL USA Today
Paula's 'Idol' Update - ET Online
American Idol's Final Four - Philippine Star
Idol Still Sings After Paula-Gate - NY Post

May 8th 2005

Here's an Idol thought - Dallas Morning News
Top 5 Performances Retrospective - Beavers On Idol
American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Makes Appearance on Saturday Night Live - Celebrity Spider
Abdul Pokes Fun At Scandal On SNL NBC13
American Idol 5/3/2005: Two for the Price of One - TVRules

May 7th 2005

A Rank Four All Seasons: Part Four: Vocals - MediaFiends.com
AI4 Five Left "Top 40 of Today and Yesteryear, or Isn't It Ironic? - Reality TV Talk
He Said - She Said & It Ends Up On SNL - Reality TV Calendar Paula Fires Back - NY Post
Paula Abdul Brands Allegations "Character Assassination - Celebrity Spider

May 6th 2005

Paula Abdul to Appear on Saturday Night Live? - Celebrity Spider
Corey Clark Urges Producers Not to Fire Paula Abdul - Celebrity Spider
Corey Clark: I Won't Help Producer's Investigation - Celebrity Spider
Corey Clark Says Paula Abdul Told Me She Loved Me - MTV
Why no one cares about Paula's tryst - Media Life
Checotah Native Makes Final Four On American Idol - KOTV
Corey on Stern; Paula on "SNL" - E!Online
American Idol Producer Not Buying Clark's Story - Chart Attack
Underwood goes another round - Tahlequah Daily Press
Savol Discusses Idol Controversies - Zap2It
Corey Clark on Howard Stern Show - MediaFiends.com
Clay Aiken Doesn't Believe Corey - Reality TV Calendar
Corey Clark Interviewed Again - He Reveals A Lot More - Reality TV Calendar
Corey Clark on TES - MediaFiends.com
Savol upbeat after his Idol luck runs out - Plain Dealer
Viewers weigh in on the Idol flap - Boston Globe
Savol's life after 'Idol' will stay busy - Beacon Journal
Idol countdown . . . 5 . . . - Houston Chronicle
CBS 5/6/05 Corey: 'Idol' Has Been Hounding Me
Abdul's a cheerleader, not a judge - Philly.com
Clay gets Paula’s back - Boston Herald
Network Responds To Idol Expose About Paula Abdul -- Sort Of - WRAL
Scott Savol, Left Holding the Baggy - Washington Post
American Idol: Corey Clark Retrospective - The Trades
Fantasia Visits Springfield - NMC
Fallen Idol - Washington Post

May 5th 2005

Voted OFF Scott-Free: National Nightmare Ends on Idol - Zap2It
Fox Responds to Corey Clark's Claims about Paula Abdul - Celebrity Spider
Paula Abdul Fights Back After Ex-Idol Gossips - Celebrity Spider
PrimeTime Live - Fallen Idol: A Paula Affair - Reality News Online
- American Idol Primetime Scandal- Oh It’s true about Paula Abdul! - MediaFiends.com
Supporting Bo 100%: An Interview with Bo Bice's Sugar Money Bandmate, Shane Sexton - Foxes On Idol
American Idol scandal could help, not hurt, the show - USA Today
Abdul gets Idol worshiped - NY Daily News
No Idol Time for Final Four - TV Guide
American Idol: Please Kisses - CBS
Anti-social Savol loses his Idol staying power - Star Ledger
Scott Bounced - NY Post
American Idol 4, May 4 - I Will Ease Your Mind - Reality News Online

May 4th 2005

Top Five Sing Twice - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 34 - Orwellproject
The High (and Low) Five - Entertainment Weekly
ABC Confirms It: Paula Is The Fallen Idol - Reality TV Calendar
Carmen on Today about Paula Scandal - MediaFiends.com
Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun? - American Idol - RealityShack
The Top 5 Performance Show Recap - Reality TV Calendar
Who's Going Home Tonight? RTVC Staff Prediction #11 - Reality TV Calendar
- He Said, She Said: Top 5 Sing 10 - MediaFiends.com
Foxes On Idol 5/4/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 3
- Finals, Week 8: An Amazing Dream Thing - MediaFiends.com
- Insipid-Robotic and Moxie Night! - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4: Week 8 - Leiber & Stoller and Current Billboard Themes - The Trades
Opposites Attract? - Entertainment Weekly
A few frogs in those throats - Metro
Bo's crucial Idol vote is tonight - Huntsville Times
Fans says Fedorov has it all - Phillyburbs.com
Straight up, it's folly that plagues Paula - Newsday
What you won't see on ABC's Fallen Idol - Philly.com
Idol Contest Proceeds Despite Scandal - SF Chronicle
Anthony's next Idol song: `See you later, alligator - Miami Herald
ABC Dishes Dirt on Fox's 'American Idol'
'Idol' of the awed - Arizona Republic
Can Corey Clark Sing? Like a Canary. With an Agent - Washington Post
Show banks on Idol expose - Newsday
ABC: Paula coached lover Corey - Boston Herald
American Idol Recap: Bo Is The One To Beat, Anthony's Time Is Up - MTV
American Idol watch - News-Press
One good thing about Idol: At least no one's singing Wildfire - USA Today
Clark details Idol claims about Abdul - MSNBC
The rap sheet - Calgary Sun
'Fallen Idol' Corey Clark Claims Abdul Gave Him Backstage Help - MTV
Show Reveals Idol Contestant's Claims Of Abdul Affair - NBC11.com
Idols on, off track - USA Today
Abdul + 'Idol' contestant = big controversy - USA Today
American Idol Update: Bitter end nears for Idols - Citizen-Times
The Final 5 -- Who Will Survive? - ET Online

May 3rd 2005

Voting strikes sour note with American Idol fans - Boston Herald
Idol speculation on not-so-great Scott - USA Today
American Idol 2 finalist Carmen Rasmusen defends Paula Abdul - Reality TV World
The American Idol Scandal and Trenyce’s Part In It: Curiouser and Curiouser - Reality News Online
Vote Off Paula Campaign Is A Hoax - Reality TV Calendar
ABC remains mum about its upcoming American Idol expose - Reality TV World
American Idol, Ready for An Unflattering Close-Up? - Washington Post
Latest Idol lacks pop - NY Daily News
Crying shame - Arizona Republic
Idol expose may become Paula Abdul's swan song - Boston Herald
Bama's Bo Bice among 5 remaining Idol singers - Mobile Register
To readers' regret, Savol lives on - Union Tribune
An explosive Idol report - Rocky Mountain News
How Good Is Idol Music, Really? - The Demise of Idol Music Radio - Beavers On Idol
Constantine Maroulis Rocks New York City With E! - Celebrity Spider
Globe Challenges Paula Abdul to a Polygraph Test - Celebrity Spider
Bo Bice and The Smoking Gun - Debunking the Myths - Foxes On Idol
American Idol Vote: Which Idol Will Fall Eighth? - Foxes On Idol
A Change is Happening and It Don't Seem the Same - Foxes On Idol
Former Idol contestant defends Abdul - NY Daily News

May 2nd 2005

Should Bo's past affect American Idol vote? - MSNBC
American Idol: The voting scandal - Phillyburbs.com
American Idol: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Destroy Them - Reality News Online
'Idol' worship gets turned upside down - LA Times
Idol Speculation - Time
Will Paula Step Down? What About The Tapes? - Reality TV Calendar
American Idol 4 - Gay Idol Journal, Finals Week 7 - Reality TV World
Will Paula Be Bounced From American Idol? - Drudge Report
Idol Idled? - MSNBC
'Idol' rumors about Paula Abdul? - MSNBC
Finnish song takes aim at 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell - Reality TV World
Constant Mourning for Idol's Constantine - TV Guide

May 1st 2005

Axe falls on another Idol - New Straits Times
ABC's 'Primetime' goes after 'American Idol' juggernaut - Plain Dealer
Constant surprises on Idol - Nashua Telegraph
Idol fever takes over America's imagination - TC Palm
Ronnie Thomas heads to Hollywood, Bo show - Decatur Daily
American Idol Controversy Changes Odds - Celebrity Spider

April 30th 2005

Top 6 Performances Retrospective - Beavers On Idol
The Conspiracy That Did in Constantine Maroulis - Beavers On Idol
Idol Superstars For Sale! Paging David Foster! - Music Reviews Online
Fans shocked at Constantine's early goodbye - News Tribune
Final Say - Entertainment Weekly

April 29th 2005

Why Is Scott Still On Idol? - NY Post
Druggie Past of American Idol Hopeful Exposed - Celebrity Spider
Cousin defends 'Idol' contestant Bice - Birmingham Post Herald
American Idol: How legit is it? - Philly.com
Sportsbook.com favors Carrie Underwood as next American Idol - Online Casino News
Constantine Betty in the News - The Media Frenzy Continues - Orwellproject
American Idol's Headliners - American Idol Commentary - RealityShack
FOX Will Not Boot Bo - Reality TV Calendar
American Idol - Recap - Wednesday - Inside Pulse
American Idol - Recap - Tuesday - Inside Pulse
How could they let this Idol go? - Boston Herald
American Idol 4: A Season In Hell - Foxes On Idol
Speculation points to 'Idol' feet of clay? - USA Today
'Idol' has drug rap sheet - NY Daily News 4/29/05
Bo's Drug Woes Smoked Out - NY Post 4/29/05
Report: 'American Idol' finalist faced drug charges - USA Today

April 28th 2005

Paula Abdul Silences American Idol Drug Reports - Celebrity Spider
Rocker Constantine Maroulis is Eliminated From American Idol Competition - Celebrity Spider
Idol Finalist Dodged Cocaine Rap - The Smoking Gun
A Rank Four All Season: Part 3: Performance - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4: Constantine’s Loss Not Shocking - Foxes On Idol
Are Idle American’s Getting What They Deserve? - American Idol - RealityShack 4/28/05
Humungous Shock! - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 33 - Orwellproject
America Gets It Wrong -- On Purpose! - MediaFiends.com
Constantine Maroulis becomes the seventh 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated - Reality TV World
Abdul angry at Idol speculation - BBC
Idol Watch - Portsmouth Herald
Don't Mess With The Dark Side - Reality TV Calendar
The Voice Coach: Hitting High Notes, Not the Lows - Foxes On Idol
Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 28th - Reality TV Calendar
The Final 6 Results Show Recap - Reality TV Calendar
Another Voting Perspective To Consider - Reality TV Calendar
He Said, She Said, What is going on? I think I know. - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4: Why Constantine Lost - Foxes On Idol
America got it right! Constantine Maroulis is Out! - MediaFiends.com
The American Idol Scandal: Paula Speaks! - Reality News Online
Poor Judge - NY Post
Top 5 and alive: Carrie survives again on ‘Idol’ - Muskogee Daily Phoenix
American Idol watch - News-Press 4/28/05
Rocker at center of Idol shocker - Chicago Tribune
Surprise vote result ends crooner's run - Metro
Oh Bo! Idol's look could use a tuneup - Boston Herald
Local Idol wannabe won't need suitcase yet - Plain Dealer
Constantine Voted Out From 'Idol' In Series Bombshell - MTV
Idol Verdict: Stop the Karaoke! - TV Guide
No longer on Idol - Toledo Blade
Teary End For N.Y. Idol - NY Post
Fox Bares Its Teeth in Defense of 'Idol' - Washington Post
Constantine falls on 'Idol' - USA Today
The Greek's Tragedy - Entertainment Weekly
B'klyn guy's Idol worship falls short - NY Daily News 4/28/05
American Idol Judges Get a Room Makeover - Celebrity Spider
Greek Tragedy: Another Idol Falls - Zap2It
American Idol 4, April 27: Rage Against the Machine - Reality News Online
American Idol : Final Six Results - JokersUpdates

April 27th 2005

American Idol 4-27-05 Results Summary - TVRules
A soothing synopsis - MediaFiends.com
4.27.05: Shocking Bottom 3 - MediaFiends.com
Surprises continue on 'Idol' - Dayton Daily News
American Idols Live Tour Dates Announced - MTV
Simon Rates the Remaining 'Idols' - Extra
Paula Abdul Denies Affair Allegation As 'Idol' Producers Investigate - MTV
Fedorov fans endorse their favorite 'American Idol' - Phillyburbs.com
How Has Scott Savol Managed To Last So Long On 'Idol'? - MTV
'Idol' Finalists Plan To Hit The Road - Billboard
Ex-Idol Contestant Claims To Have Had Affair With Judge Paula Abdul - Chart Attack 4/27/05
American Idol finalists ready for U.S. arenas - LiveDaily.com
A Flat, a Sharp, and a Fiddle, A Vocal Assesment - MediaFiends.com
Back to the Future... or, the Present - Beavers On Idol
Paula Abdul threatens legal action over ABC's upcoming 'Idol' report - Reality TV World
Six Sing For Their Idol Lives - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 32 - Orwellproject
Millennium Edition - American Idol - RealityShack
'Idol' Finalists Get Home Team Support - SF Chronicle
American Idol: Scandal or Puffery? - Reality News Online
Who Is Going Home? RTVC Staff Prediction #10 - Reality TV Calendar
- Finals, Week 7: 2001: An American Idol Space Odyssey - MediaFiends.com
The Top 6 Performance Recap - Reality TV Calendar
We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, April 26 - Foxes On Idol
American Idol 4: Week 7 - 2000's Theme - The Trades
Experience wasted on American Idol hopefuls - Metro
Bice appears to have slam dunk on 'Idol' - Decatur Daily
Cleveland Judges Savol - Plain Dealer
This Week, It's Paula's Turn to Be Judged - Washington Post
Paula accused of seducing 'Idol' - Times of India
'Idol' basks in fervent fans' glow - Star Ledger
'Idol' champ embraces edgy sound - The Republican
Voter Consternation - Entertainment Weekly
American Idol Recap:Anthony Tugs Heartstrings, Pulls Off Celine Dion - MTV
Fox Probes Allegations of Abdul Affair - LA Times
American Idol: Bo is a badass - Phillyburbs.com
American Idol, yet another broad theme - Curlio.com
The Final 6 Take on Chart-Topping Songs! - ET Online
Bo Bice Thriller On American Idol - Hardbeatnews.com
'Idol': Is Scott on the outs? - USA Today
What? He's not getting by on pure talent? - Plain Dealer
'Idol' watch - News-Press
Unsinkable Idol unsavory to some - Kentucky.com
'Idol' chatter - Pioneer Press
Top Six Sing Songs from The Beginning of The Millennium - Rugged Elegance 4/27/05

April 26th 2005

Fire in His Belly - Beavers On Idol
Is Paula The Fallen Idol? A May Sweeps Sex Scandal - Reality TV Calendar
FOX Takes Pulse Of Idol Viewers - Reality TV Calendar
Primetime Live Goes Behind The Scenes Of American Idol - TVRules
Vonzell's tricks picks - News-Press
'Primetime' Indulges Its 'Idol' Curiosity - Washington Post
Check it out: Idol pay on Ebay - Boston Herald
Talent you wouldn't idolize - Philly.com
'Idol' tunes turn tepid toward end - USA Today
Food's a winner on Idol set - Asbury Park Press
ABC tounts dirt on American Idol LA Daily News
American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Seventh? - Foxes On Idol
Idol's Battle of the Final 6 - ET Online

April 25th 2005

A Retrospective on the Independent Tour - Beavers On Idol
American Idol 4 - Finals Week 6 summary - Reality TV World
Paula Abdul Accused of Seducing American Idol Contestant - Celebrity Spider
Idol's Anwar: What's His Secret? - TV Guide
A Rank Four All Seasons: Part 2: Looks - MediaFiends.com
Constantine Maroulis' Rock Group Releases Debut - Wireless Flash News Service
Kids Know Ozzie Smith More For His Son Than His Career - Wireless Flash News Service
In Defense Of Anthony's Raw Talent - Reality TV Calendar
Idol Thoughts, April 25: Hold on for Dear Life - Foxes on Idol
KOCH Records to release Constantine Maroulis' band's album on May 10 - Reality TV World
`Idol' speculation: We rank the finalists of the Fox talent competition - Boston Herald

April 24th 2005

How did Anwar Robinson Lose on American Idol - Votes? - National Ledger
It's a Paula confusion for 'Idol' hopefuls - USA Today
Top 7 Performances Retrospective - Beavers On Idol
American Idol 4 Seven Left 70s Dance - Vehicle Aural Womanslaughter - Reality TV Talk
You didn't hear it from me! Rumor buzzing around about AI Judges Paula Abdul - MediaFiends.com
Real Men Drink Pepsi (Please Buy A Chevy) - Television Without Pity
All That Buzz: What are the former Idol winners and finalists doing these days? - MediaFiends.com

April 23rd 2005

Clarkson Grows as an Artist: The Breakaway Tour - Beavers On Idol
Idle Thoughts on Paula - Beavers Idol
Halfway to the Title: 6 have come; 6 have come and gone - MediaFiends.com
Nikko: No regrets about his 'Idol' experience - AJC
Episode 3.13 - I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter! - MediaFiends.com

April 22nd 2005

ABC Preparing a Bombshell Expose on American Idol - NY Post
Idol Hopeful Constantine Album Released - Celebrity Spider
AI- Results 4-20-05- Should Anwar be gone instead of someone else? - MediaFiends.com
A Rank Four All Seasons, Part 1: Personality - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4: Scott Savol, This Year's Model - Foxes Idol
American Idol judges face the music on ABC - Boston Herald
Idol Expert: Scott Should've Gone - TV Guide
Betty Rocker - Entertainment Weekly
Scott Savol-Getting a Bad Rap? - TVRules

April 21st 2005

Anwar Robinson is Eliminated From American Idol Competition - Celebrity Spider
Bo Is Back: A Cautionary Tale - Beavers On Idol
Paula Abdul: I'm not on drugs - MSNBC
N.J.'s Anwar Robinson cut from 'American Idol' - Newsday
Simon Cowell Fumes Over Ryan Seacrest Honor - Celebrity Spider
Staying power - MSNBC
Cowell calls Seacrest's Walk of Fame star 'ill-deserved' - Houston Chronicle
Paula Says "No" & ABC Plans "Explosive" Expose - Reality TV Calendar
Goodbye to Disco and Anwar - American Idol- RealityShack
Report: ABC News planning "potentially explosive expose" on Fox's 'American Idol' - Reality TV World
Fashion devils get their hands on `Idol' players - Boston Herald
American Idol 4: Final Seven Elimination Results - TVRules
Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 21st - Reality TV Calendar
American Idol 4: Why Anwar Lost - Foxes On Idol
- He Said, She Said: The results a shocker! No, just very disappointing. - MediaFiends.com
Finals, Week 6: Jeopardy! Idol Style - MediaFiends.com
American Idol : Final Seven Results. Bo Shows Grace - JokersUpdates
Paula Abdul Reveals Weak Bladder Problem - Celebrity Spider
The Top 7 Results Show Recap - Reality TV Calendar
The Voice Coach: Tuesday Night Idol Fever - Foxes On Idol
Confessions Of A Teenage Voter - Reality TV Calendar
Abdul says odd behavior not drug-related - USA Today
American Idol 4, April 20: The Last Dance - Reality News Online 4/21/05
Shaker's Savol squeaks by - Beacon Journal
Judges' favorite won't be TV `Idol' - Chicago Tribune
Paula's Secret Battle - ET Online
Music still playing for Shaker man as he becomes one of 6 Idol' finalists - Plain Dealer

April 20th 2005

American Idol: Carrie poised to win - Phillyburbs.com
Pit stops of life bring Gracin along - Kansas City Star
RTVT's American Idol Roundtable Discussion: 70's Dance Classics - Reality TV Talk
- 4.20.05 Live Results - MediaFiends.com
American Idol: Vonzell hot, Scott not - Phillyburbs.com
'Idol 4' contestant Constantine Maroulis still mourns 9/11 cousin - Reality TV World
Seven Songsters Strut the Stage - American Idol 4: Episode 30 - Orwellproject
Paula Reveals 25 Years of Pain - Extra
Um ... forgettable - MSNBC

April 19th 2005

AI4 Recap - When Bad Song Choice Is Good - Always Reality Television
American Idol finalists fail to inspire viewer fervor - Star Ledger
Bice Squad gets a `uniform' - Birmingham News
A sad song with Nadia now gone - USA Today
A Flavorful Recipe - Reviewing Bo Bice's "Recipe for Flavor" CD - Foxes On Idol
Mom's dare creates Idol sensation - Huntsville Times
Music Pros Size Up Idol's Final Seven - TV Guide
Kenwood musician on American Idol' - Cincinnati Enquirer
Somehow, Scott creeps by again - Arizona Republic
Poor song selection could mean singin’ the blues - Muskogee Daily Phoenix
Baby’s brothers - News-Press
The Idol Countdown Continues - ET Online

April 18th 2005

American Idol Season 4 - Finals Week 5 summary - Reality TV World
Singers at mall idolized - PhillyBurbs.com
American Idol Vote: Judging the Judges - Beavers On Idol
News 14 Carolina 4/18/05 Clay Aiken to discuss bullying on "Dr. Phil" Is American Idol's Nadia Dating Scott? - TV Guide
Idol Thoughts, April 18: Can a Loser Ever Win? - Foxes On Idol
Ousted Idol Nadia Comes To ET! - ET Online
Why Didn't You Say You Loved Her? I Don't Understand - Television Without Pity
Christina Christian, after 'Idol' - Miami Herald 4/18/05

April 17th 2005

Idol advice: Vote for the singer you want to last - Nashua Telegraph
DeGarmo going 'all out' for prom after missing last year's - AJC
Idol star to caregivers: Ask for help - Sun-Sentinel.com
Bice Squad e-mails appeal to fans - Decatur Daily

April 16th 2005

American Idol 4 - "Gay Idol Journal, Finals Week 5 - Reality TV World
AI 4 Eight Left Songs From The Year They Were Spawned Reality TV Talk
Families find American Idol helps bridge the generation gap - Birmingham News
The final 8: Goodbye Nadia - SheKnows.com

April 15th 2005

American Idol Voters: Good-Bye Nadia - National Ledger
She's not an idol, but Nadia sees 'big things' - Miami Herald /a>
For Fantasia, fame still hard to 'Believe' - Anchorage Daily News
American Idol Vote: Scott next to go - Phillyburbs.com
The Friday Rant - Boston Herald

April 14th 2005

Photo Scoreboard Rankings as of April 14th -Reality TV Calendar
Record Number of Votes Cast as Nadia Turner is Eliminated From American Idol - Celebrity Spider
Fans of Reality TV It's All About Song Choice
America’s Long, Long Goodbye - American Idol- RealityShack
Nadia Turner becomes the fifth American Idol 4 finalist to be eliminated - Reality TV World
Simon, the Voice of Reason - Beavers On Idol
He Said, She Said, They sang, We voted, and Scott’s still here? - MediaFiends.com
American Idol Season 4: Why Nadia Lost - Foxes On Idol
American Idol : Final 8 Results. Wrong Again - JokersUpdates
A Tune for the Worst - Entertainment Weekly
Bo survives close call on American Idol - Decatur Daily
No go for Nadia - MSNBC
America Sends 'Idol' Finalist Nadia Turner Packing - MTV
Nadia is tossed off American Idol - Star Ledger
`Idol' singers' style sense screams for makeover - Boston Herald
A look at Idol hopefuls' lives is dull as singing - Metro
American Idol watch - News-Press
Cowell right again --Turner is ousted - Chicago Tribune
Odds Stacked Against Her? Talent Isn't Enough for Nadia - Washington Post
Fedorov hears praise from fans and judges - Phillyburbs.com
American Idol's shocking result not so shocking - Curlio
American Idol 4, April 13: Say It Isn't So - Reality News Online
Getting ready to vote Abdul off 'Idol' - OCRegister

April 13th 2005

Baby Love American Idol - Reality Shack
Finals Week 5: On The Day That You Were Born - MediaFiends.com
We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, - Foxes on Idol
Top 8 Performance Recap - Reality TV Calendar
He Said, She Said: Top 8 sing the 70s and 80s. - MediaFiends.com
American Idol Season 4: Week 5 - Birth Year Theme - The Trades
AI Birth Year Themes - MediaFiends.com
American Idol 4, April 12: They Were Just Babies Then - Reality News Online
Top 8 contestants losing their edge - Metro
Will Bo make 'Magnificent Seven? - Decatur Daily
Even Simon Cowell likes Bucks singer this week - Morning Call
Kids Sing the Darndest Things - MediaFiends.com
Idol Contestant Turner Gets The Thumbs Down - Hardbeatnews.com

April 12th 2005

Born Identity: 'Idol' Singers Span the Years - Zap2It
American Idol : Final Eight. A Boring Date - JokersUpdates
Songs From The Year They Were Born - MediaFiends.com
American Idol: Sour notes galore - Phillyburbs.com
Nadia, Scott born to be bad on Idol - MSNBC
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April 11th 2005

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April 10th 2005

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April 8th 2005

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April 7th 2005

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